Rainbow Kids Academy

About the Branch Head

Mrs Jabeen Shakil Memon

Branch Head

There is no doubt that with her dedication,discipline and determination Rainbow kids academy spreads it’s wings and got an overwhelming response from parents and well wishers in the first year itself 

We cater children in the age group of 1.7 months to 5 years with quality childhood education based on all aspects of learning .That is why we believe in play , learn and grow and enhance child’s own natural desire to learn . 

Academic Program


An action phonic program based on sounds, phonic drills, blends & vocabulary enhancements.

An active math program based on the learning of foundation concepts, numbers, shapes and sizes.

Enhancing thinking skills through puzzles, logical games and scientific programming.

Enhancing creative thinking skills by way of sessions for brain storming of imaginative ideas, creative play and creative writing and storytelling.

Development of physical skills, motor skills and pre-writing skills through interactive play-learning and effective methodologies of "Kiducation".

A program that incorporates music with rhymes, songs, musical instruments and audio visual pieces that inculcate a sense and affinity to music and help lay a foundation for tone, timing and pace.

Interaction with other peers enabling them to learn, communicate,express and relate

Rainbow Activities

Red day,Blue day,Green day,Yellow day,Black and White day,Color Splash

The Little Tots are in for a fun filled day at the Color Booth at our school! The children will dress in different colors for a day throughout the month and enjoy the colorful vibes in their classrooms while learning about the things associated with those colors

To make children understand about various culture and importance of coming closer to each other.

Magical toys day ,Umbrella day ,Musical day,Clowns day.Rhyme day ,Manipulative toys day , Kidszania , Splash pool , Beauty corner.

Fun mania days makes learning exciting for kids with interactive fun activities which encourages them to think outside the box and promotes quick thinking skills and overall development of the child

To develop the skill and talent of cooking in children .

Practical knowledge enhances the capabilities of children to work independently.

Rainbow Kids conducts themed sports every year, where every kid participates irrespective of winning or losing making them confident.

Fun with alphabets numbers , animal world, food world , transport world

Web magic is a brainstorming method that provides structures for ideas and facts. Essential for kids learning through games ,fun play and exploration methods

Field Trips

 A field trip is one of the best tools that we can use to provide every student with real-world experiences. Whether that's a trip to the supermarket, to the farm or to the mill each experience that a student participates in contributes to their understanding of the world.

Visit to Market , Supermarket

To practice math and literacy skills in the real-life environment of the Super market

Visit to Farms & Dhobi Ghats

To see the variety of fruits and vegetables at the farm and the scenario at the dhobi ghat

Visit to Bakery & Flour Mills

To learn about the variety of baked products and floursand how are they produced

Facilities and Infrastructure

We offer a variety of facilities to provide the best learning experience

Sensory Garden

To develop fine and large motor skills.

Projector E-Learning

E-learning helps to keep the children more attentive.

Well Equipped Classrooms

Ventilated and child friendly classrooms with creative teaching aids and a library

Playground Equipment with Sandpit

To build up quality free play

Admission Process

The concept of school and pre-school education consists of 3 programs of development and training in our academy, developed in collaboration with the institute of the children's university, which will help your children to learn subjects in the best possible way.

Inquire Now

Visit to the school

Filling up the form with details and child's photograph

First installment of fees to be paid

Collection of Uniform , ID and Curriculum file

Let Your Kids Have an Amazing Time

Alerts & Notices

Fee Reminder- Last date on 31st August

Pay via cheque or cash

Annual Day program scheduled on 15th August

Parents must come to encourage their children and cheer for them

Admissions Open

The admissions for the coming year 2020-2021 are now open