Learn To Teach and Teach To Learn

Program Details

'' A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.''

Learn to Teach and Teach to Learn Teachers' Training Institute ventures under Rainbow Kids Academy since 2011. It is committed to the individuals aspiring to have a career in early childhood education. The course emphasizes on overall development of a child by practical teaching methods in a friendly and comforting environment. It aims to equip the learning aspirants with latest methodology , skills and helps them to bring in creativity and innovation in their teaching

Nine months certificate course from (July to March) to provide students with sufficient knowledge, practical skills, academic skills and creative skills which will help to plan and implement developmentally appropriate program for children.

Falicitators - Mrs Lubaina Lokhandwala Mrs Munira Bootwala

 Phonics,sounds, vocabulary building and creative thinking.

Numerals , concept,size and Logical thinking.

 Understanding the holistic growth and development of child physical, mental, emotional,moral and social aspects.

To enhance voice modulation,expressions and fun element.

To develop the motor skills of the child.

Practical observation of innovative activities.

Effective Lesson Planning and Delivery techniques.


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Upcoming Workshops

Rhymes and Stories

Nursery rhymes are not just for fun. They have enormous educational value. Learn how to use them to teach your child.This workshop creates an awareness of the enormous educational value of nursery rhymes and informs parents to use them as a teaching tool. 


Remedial workshop will provide learning support to help in gaining basic knowledge about special disabilities among children.


Nutrition workshop helps individual to understand the importance of good nutrition to promote good health and ease the stresses of every day life.


Enhancing thinking skills and logistics.


 Grammar workshop will help students to strengthen their reading,writing and speaking skills.