Kinder Joy-Day Care

Program Details

Rainbow kids is a safe, secure and stimulating environment that engages children through a progressive curriculum and an extensive childcare support system.

A home away from home, our daycare is managed by a staff of experienced and dedicated teachers who understand the uniqueness of each child in their care.

We recognise the growing physical and social competence of the increasingly independent school age. our programmes are a healthy blend of the child’s own interests and new opportunities. All in a fun environment where they have firsthand participation in all school activities. 

 Age criteria - 1 year and above 

Timings 9am -6pm

 Monday to Friday

 Saturday optional 

Red Day, Blue Day, Green Day, Yellow Day, Black and White Day, Color Splash

The Little Tots are in for a fun filled day at the Color Booth at our school! The children will dress in different colors for a day throughout the month and enjoy the colorful vibes in their classrooms while learning about the things associated with those colors.

Magical toys day ,Umbrella day ,Musical day,Clowns day.Rhyme day ,Manipulative toys day , Kidszania , Splash pool , Beauty corner.

Fun mania days makes learning exciting for kids with interactive fun activities which encourages them to think outside the box and promotes quick thinking skills and overall development of the child

To develop the skill and talent of cooking in children .

Practical knowledge enhances the capabilities of children to work independently.

Rainbow Kids conducts themed sports every year, where every kid participates irrespective of winning or losing making them confident.

Fun with alphabets numbers , Animal world, food world ,Transport world

Web magic is a brainstorming method that provides structures for ideas and facts. Essential for kids learning through games ,fun play and exploration methods

To make children understand about various culture and importance of coming closer to each other.